Texas Tactical holds several Tactical Carbine Matches throughout the year! The objective of these matches is to allow people to become more familiar with and to improve and test their skills in a simulated CQC (close quarters combat) environment with the rifles they have chosen to defend themselves and their loved ones!



Tactical Carbine matches generally consist of 5 stages based on self defense scenarios. The distances we shoot from are varied from contact out to 100+ yards, with the majority of shots being fired from 10 - 40 yards. The rules are loosely based on IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) doctrine. We  use the Vickers count scoring system in conjunction with the IDPA silhouette targets.  Vickers count scoring combines time elapsed and points down on the target. This type scoring stresses a good balance of speed and accuracy. Proper use of  available cover is expected and required. The course description given before each course of fire is very specific about what is expected!

Divisions of Competition


There are six divisions of competition.

  1. IRON SIGHTS - This division is for rifles using conventional iron sights.  
  2. OPTICS - This division is for rifles equipped with scopes or any kind of electronic sighting device. IE: Aimpoints, Acogs, Reflex etc.  
  3. LIMITED - This is for rifles with limited ammo capacity. IE: Camp Carbines, CCUs, Lever Actions etc. (You may only load to 10 rounds maximum in this division.)  
  4. JUNIOR - This is for youngsters 17 years old and younger. (.22 Rimfire may be used in this division. IE: 10/22  
5. BATTLE RIFLE -  This division is for large caliber battle rifles.
  6. .22 -  This division is for .22 caliber rifles. This division is to allow people to shoot the less expensive rimfire ammo.  
*** Class III Division is not available at the Cedar Ridge Range***


Who May Participate?


Any "SAFE" shooter may participate in these matches!! We have shooters of all ages , shapes and sizes. We have shooters of all different skill levels from Novice to Master!


What Equipment Do I Need to Participate?

1. A Centerfire Rifle, preferably with a sling or carry strap. (Any centerfire rifle that you might use to defend yourself or your family can be used)
  2. At least 2 Magazines.  
  3. Approximately 100 rounds of ammunition. (bring extra just in case)  
  4. A handgun and holster (for transitions or to finish a course of fire if your rifle malfunctions)  
  5. Eye and Ear Protection  
6. $25 Match Fee


What Are The Rules of Competition?


Click here to download the carbine match rules in Microsoft Word format.




Tactical Carbine Match Schedule


Texas Tactical - Carbine Schedule

Date Match Locale Range Sign Up Time
August 1
 Carbine  Comal County  Cedar Ridge Range  09:00 hrs
(9:00:00 AM)
August 2
 Carbine  Austin  Austin Rifle Club  09:00 hrs
(9:00:00 AM)
August 29
 Carbine  Austin  Austin Rifle Club  09:00 hrs
(9:00:00 AM)
August 30
 Carbine  Comal County  Cedar Ridge Range  09:00 hrs
(9:00:00 AM)