Current F.B.I. statistics indicate that over 70% of all lethal force encounters occur at Night or in Low Light conditions. If that is true then Military, Law Enforcement and Civilians alike should concentrate 70% of their training  time to a Low Light environment to be prepared for this kind of an encounter.


(The current range does not support these shoots)
Texas Tactical holds Night/Lowlight Shoots the fourth Saturday of the month at the TEXAS TACTICAL RANGE between Austin and San Antonio during Standard time. (October to March)
 We will have a Campfire to keep you warm and Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Cookies will be served!!

These matches are designed to give our shooters the opportunity and experience of shooting in reduced lighting conditions! If you have never shot in these conditions you owe it to yourself to try it. (if not at one of our Night/Lowlight Shoots, then somewhere, anywhere!!) It is a very eye -  opening experience. It is hard to imagine and explain  how different it is shooting in these kinds of conditions.  I am amazed every time I shoot and train in a low light environment. A lot of shooters will never have an opportunity to do this kind of shooting. Texas Tactical is very fortunate to be able to bring these types of matches to you!! 


Are the Night/Lowlight Shoots a Competition?



  Even though the Night/Lowlight shoots are presented and scored in a competition format, we believe that these shoots are more about  testing equipment , techniques , gaining experience and the exchange of knowledge and ideas!!!  


Who May Participate in the Night/Lowlight Shoots?


These matches are restricted to shooters who have prior experience in some form of pistol competitions. IE: IDPA, IPSC, NRA, GSSF etc. We regretfully have to restrict these matches to these shooters because of the increased safety concerns associated with these kinds of shoots.


What equipment do I need to participate?

1. A serviceable handgun of at least 9mm / .38special or larger caliber
  2. At least 3 magazines or speedloaders.  
  3. A strong side hip holster.  
  4. Eye and Ear Protection  
  5. A good quality Flashlight.  
  6. 75 Rounds of Ammunition  




Night/Lowlight Schedule

Texas Tactical - Night/Lowlight Schedule